Photowalk: Luneta Park and the stressful ride to Intramuros

It's really nice to have a friend who owns a camera.We take photos of everything anywhere. 

It's been more than a year since I last visited Luneta Park. Thanks to Kaye Agron and her project - I was able to tour Luneta once again.

We started with a few steps. :) Photo by Kaye.

Just like me, Kaye also has an itchy feet. We love long walks and endless talks - anything about life and love and frustrations.

We had our first stop  to buy this:

I really am a sucker for cotton candies. I can even remember a time during my college days when I went crying like a baby and had tantrums just because I wanted one. Luckily, my sweet friend Ego bought me one big cotton candy on my birthday. Sweet, yes he is. And it's pink that's why I was really giddy that day (pink used to be my favorite color). :)

Anyhoo, Kaye and I went on and took some shots of some landmarks and spots of Luneta. We passed by Orchidarium.

Unfortunately, the gate was closed and we can't get in so we just took some photos outside. It would have been better if we sneaked inside, just a thought. Haha.

Not far from Orchidarium, we both saw green mango sidewalk vendors. And so I decided to stop for awhile.

We were supposed to cross the street to take more photos of the park. But just before we did, a man riding on horse carriage stopped infront of us and convinced us to ride his "kalesa" for only 50 pesos. He "got us" there and we hopped in.

The first few shots were happy, the friendly Kuchero was like a professional tourist guide telling us the history of Intramuros and Luneta Park. After a few rounds of the whole Luneta area for like 45minutes, and just when we were about to go down from his carriage, he started charging us for php 350! Ngrr. Nevertheless, I only gave him php 200 because he initially said it's 50 bucks per head.

So tourists, please be careful if you see this face (photo below) roaming around Luneta area, you might be fooled by his 50 pesos tactic just to convince you to ride his horse. :p

We were pissed off.

Kaye and I were so pissed off we decided to eat isaw and hotdog. :)

Our last stop at Luneta was at the Chinese Garden. :) We got some tickets and roamed around like first time visitors.

After Luneta, we went to my new found haven. We didn't have much photos there but we ended the night with my favorite drink.

Cerveza Negra it is!

Till the next pit stop, there's more to come! :)