Better than pearl coolers. :)

The heat of the friendly summer sun is at it's hottest lately, even at night.

Biggie and I went for a walk after our sumptuous (well, not really) meal at Old Chinatown Kopitiam located along the streets of Banawe, we are actually looking for a coffee house where we could possibly grab some desserts.

We ended up at Serenitea.
When we got there, I noticed something odd especially at the cashier area. Never was a time that they had no customers in line - they are always on queuing! Yes, the place is small yet a lot of cars are parked outside the store. Their customers are mostly Chinese.

I ordered Strawberry Tofi Coffee because I'm really fond of strawberry flavored drinks. I really can't describe the way it taste but all I know is that it's better than pearl coolers. smile

Serenitea is located along Banawe Street in Quezon City.
Spending is approximately at 100 per head. :)
Must order: Chips and Strawberry Tofi Coffee