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What Makes Your Day

My everyday day walk from the Metro is always a sight to see and every time I get to see these cute little kids, I get inspired. Holding hands while walking together is a symbol of unity, teamwork, and solidarity. Need I say more?

A cup of coffee sure makes a day as well, it feels so good to be inspired again. :)



Bloggeroid for Blogger Test Post

Hi from Dubai!

I just downloaded this app on Playstore for mobile blogging purpose, thought I'd give it a try.



All Iz Well

Arabic 101 - Arabic Language

A friend from the Middle East is teaching me a little of the Arabic language as I'm always eager to learn new things. Everyday, I become more and more interested on other people's culture - that's the beauty of living in such a diverse community.

The basics of Arabic are simple and if you mastered the right usage of words, you'll get by easily. I answered above through a movie line: All Iz Well.


Dear Readers

Dear Readers,

Thank you very much for passing by. I decided to keep this live even though the pages are incomplete because of one email I received that hit me and urged me to fight back. We sometimes need some inspiration and a little push to motivate us to do the things that we love. So here I am, acting hopelessly romantic - yet again.

Apologies if this blog has not been updated for quite awhile - I placed it on limited access as there are some people who want to access my online life and tried to delete some of the posts I had way back. How cruel.

All is well, I just need to recover the things I have written here and photos I took to make this blog amazing. I worked hard on every post and some of them I did for a living and earned quite a few for my writings and photos. See, I really don't understand how somebody can hate me so much they want access in every part of my life.

Anyhow. I'm doing ok, thank you very much for asking.


Saying (Or Ranting) It Out Loud

Eid Mubarak from Dubai! I took the photo earlier at Mall Of The Emirates, I really don't understand what's going on and why there's music and dancing but I believe this is in line with the Eid festivity. The month of Ramadan has just ended and families are celebrating and wishing everyone a happy life. So just when I thought only Filipinos have close family ties back home, I was proven wrong. Arabic culture is not really that far from Filipino culture when it comes to family. I'm kind of liking their ways and this is not the point of this post.


Of Black, White, and Blurred Lines

Excuse my self portrait right here. This is the very rare times I get to have my photo taken. Thanks to my room mate Giasone for seeing through the lens they way I want myself to be seen; I am a woman after all. Been out for awhile wandering and exploring more of the outside world. Online life is becoming less interesting or maybe I'm just getting old. Lol.



Sneak Peek : Travel Agency Life - March

Hi from Dubai!
Kites Beach - Dubai UAE

I'm trying to get myself back to writing - "trying"  an operative word. Deactivating one of my social networks somehow gave me time to reflect on the things that happened for the past what - 4 or 5 years? I mean I've wasted too much already: time, energy, effort, prolly relationship, and what nots (apologies if I can't  refrain myself from speaking my mind). Perhaps I can say I am now a little bit cautious on who to expose my vulnerability although more often than not, I still go beyond the boundaries I set for myself. I constantly break my own rules maybe because the world is not that safe anymore - an endless demonstration that this humanity can still be trusted and an assurance that  no one will hurt a fragile heart like mine is all I need for now. Or at least.