Georgia, The Country Is REALLY Pretty

travelling to Georgia

Hello world! I'm back in Dubai and I've got loads of things to share about my solo trip to Georgia - not the state but the country which is somewhere near Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

This is the closest country in Europe that I can ever think of which is safe to travel for a couple of days and it's very easy to get here if you're living in Dubai. I'd really want to share the details of the trip because I have a ton of tips to share if you're travelling on a budget (trust me on this, I saved a lot just by plainly reading blogs and forums!).

For now, let me tease you with a couple of photos from my mobile phone - they are all Instagram worthy! My selfie stick did the trick in getting these creative photos and once I have already sorted the hundreds I took on my Canon 700D, I will post it right away. You can also follow the things I have posted on my IG account.

See you later, alligators!


Georgia Mtskheta

Gudauri Georgia

Ananuri Georgia

Gudauri Georgia

Tbilisi Georgia

Tbilisi Georgia

Sighnaghi Georgia

tours in Georgia


Bodbe Georgia Alazani Valley

art gallery in Georgia

wine tasting in Georgia

restaurant in Sighnaghi Georgia

city tour in Tbilisi

Stalin Museum

Uplictsikhe Georgia

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  1. hi. Is it safe there?we are planning to go there this December.

  2. Hi Joy! Were planning also to travel in Georgia maybe on January, been searching for some blogs or forum about that place then I saw your blog.. I can say it is WOW! ;) you have a nice photos even though your best friend was cancelled her/his trip with you, You still made your travel memorable for sure. Thanks, your blog will be very helpful for us soon. Seeing your photos and stories makes me really more excited! :D by the way I am also Dubai based. Keep it up girl, you are doing great ;) by the way I follow you on Instagram a while ago :)

  3. We had a blast in Georgia! Each corner is Instagram post worthy ;)

  4. Hi Joy!

    Me and my flatmate are going this coming December. Your blog is really really helpful! and we can't wait to go there! If you don't mind, just want to know how much is your budget, expenses, your itinerary and how many days did you stay there? Thank you so much! Looking for more of your thrift adventures! - Miaca

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