Hello World, Meet The Thrift Trip's Plus 1!

Photo captured by @thepandastudio

2 months after giving birth, here I am back to blogging. In case you don't know, I gave birth via C-section - something that I didn't plan but with God's grace everything went extremely smooth and I recovered faster than the usual. So let me introduce my newborn Dani Elise, the official plus 1 of TheThriftTrip.com .

Why I am going to back to blogging is another story. This isn't actually the best time to start writing again but something nudged my senses and told me it's about time to rewrite my history and share my experiences once again - this time, as a new mom.

Last night I had a vivid dream of me and my daughter going places together - just the two of us. And the thought of that dream made my heart feel giddy because I know that it's gonna be so much fun. Currently, our days together are being spent on singing, hugs, feeding, telling stories, and even dancing until we both get exhausted. We are inseparable. My heart is full knowing she can sleep on the playlist I crafted especially for her. What more if we started going places?

I can't stand an hour being away from her, the Yin to my Yang. Sometimes, I'm going overboard and being too protective that I prefer to do things for her on my own instead of the help being offered by my family members. I'm lucky enough that they understand and they let me rule because this little lady is my child.

I was asked once how it feels like to be a first time mother - and the chatty me can't even utter  a single word. I can't say it's overwhelming because it's more than that. It's more like a fleeting, indescribable feeling - the kind of feeling especially if "uwing-uwi na ako" (I really can't wait to go home).

And you know what's the first word I am trying to teach Dani? Home. She's my home and I'm her home.

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  1. Loving this post. I hope you enjoy motherhood as much as most of us do (for the most part of it, by the way).